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Across the competition, the awards consist of diplomas (presented to the winners) and medals / badges. You will recognise the medal-winning wines courtesy of this badge, which is registered at France's National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) and is has security features to make it unfalsifiable.
Our badge is easy to recognise, and thus enables you to choose your wine with confidence and peace of mind.

Here are the three badges awarded by the CONCOURS DES VINS À ORANGE

  • an emblem: the capital of a Roman column
  • the badge outline
  • the wording “CONCOURS DES VINS A ORANGE”
  • the vintage for which the distinction was awarded
  • the type of award (gold, silver, bronze)
  • the URL:

A diploma certifying the award is sent to the owner of the medal-winning wine. This diploma necessarily states the volume of wines (hl) declared at sample collection and in the competition application; the exact title of the winning sample; and the exact identify of the winning producer or négociant.

Medal-winner badges may be stuck on the bottles. They are only available from the bureau of the Concours des Vins à Orange association.
The medal-winning label design is a registered trademark owned by the Concours des Vins à Orange, with the rights pertaining thereto.
See rules : The new rules will be available in early November 2013

See the old badges of the Foire des Vins d’Orange