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The wines are presented anonymously to the jury members. The jury blind-taste the wines and judge them as per the terms of the individual judging sheets. A competitor may not judge his own wines. The competition jury members are chosen from among the wine trade, the restaurant trade, and consumers.

The tasting judges are:
- négociants
- brokers
- importers from neighbouring countries
- representatives of public authorities
- representatives of the wine growers' unions
- a few discerning enthusiasts from the restaurant world and general public, etc.

In 2007, for example, the 540 tasters – divided into 151 juries, the highest number in the past seven years – tasted 2,773 samples. One president per jury is appointed for his/her tasting skills, and ensures that the tasting runs smoothly.

Each jury comprises at least three people, of whom at least two are wine professionals. They can make one or more awards, which must not exceed 20% of the samples presented, i.e.: