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The samples are collected directly at the estate in order to prevent fraud,
and are subject to various rules and controls.

The wine is collected in the cellar room by personnel mandated by the Concours des Vins à Orange. The wines are collected in half-litre bottles: four bottles are filled per sample. Three are for the competition, and one stays in the maker's cellar. In addition, two bottles of each medal-winning wine are kept during one year: one by the organiser, the other by the entrant.
The samples are carefully stored and protected in cellars until the final tasting by the juries.
The wines presented in competition must come from homogeneous batches held with a view to commercialisation for consumption. Blending must be complete by the date of sampling. In the case of négociants, the batches must be located at the entrant's address. If applicable, the négociant whose wines are stored in cellar “X” must provide a certificate (signed by both buyer and seller) stating that the wines have been bought by the négociant and that he can therefore present them under his own name, with the cellars undertaking not to present the same wine in competition. The same recipient cannot be presented twice.

The sample collectors check in the cellars that the quantities specified by the producer in his entry form match the quantities present.
The objective is to award medals to specific quantities of wine.
Relevant and reliable traceability shall attest to the wine's authenticity.
They must correspond to a minimum volume of:
• For private cellars: 20 hl for whites, rosés and golden vins doux naturels (VDNs) and 40 hl for reds (or the total harvest)
• For cooperative cellars, producer groups and négociants: 50 hl for whites, rosés, reds and VDNs.
For a wine to compete, a minimum of three samples per appellation and per vintage must be presented.
Entrants must be: white, rosé, red and VDN AOC wines and white, rosé, red IGP wines.

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